Welcome to Petra

Wadi Araba Tour

Jordan has many amazing sites and cruise travelers go north from Aqaba to Petra near Ma'an
into the desert at Wadi Rum.
Lying in a remote area of the southern desert mountains, Aqaba sits on the edge of the Red Sea.
The cruise ship port provides easy access for passengers to visit the ancient city of Petra 
& the marvelous desert of Wadi Rum.
Lost to the western world from about the 14th century until the early 19th century 
Petra is a fascinating ancient city and was selected as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.
Wadi Rum is a spectacular desert valley about an hour north of Aqaba in the Jordan desert.
Its beautiful rocky cliffs and brilliant colors of red, brown, and orange set Wadi Rum apart from other desert areas.